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Game Watching: Auburn Vs LSU (10/24/2009) NEW NEW LOCATION!!!

Please come and join the Seattle Auburn Club in cheering on the Auburn Tigers on Saturday 10/24/2009 as they face off against the other SEC Tiger team, LSU. The kick off will be at 4:30 PM PST or 6:30 pM CST. As usual, We will be meeting around 4:30 PM PST at Sports Restaurant (dining room 1) across the street from the Space Needle!!!!! PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE MEETING AT A NEW PLACE!!!! NOT BUCKLEY’s or Jillian’s for this week!!!!!!!

Thanks to Laura, we will have a private room with 5 TVs all to ourself!!!

The address is as follows:
Across the street from the Space Needle
140 4th Avenue North Suite 130
Seattle, WA 98109
dining room #1

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During this game watch meeting, we will also going to be taking preorder for our Fall Food Drive Tee Shirts. The money from the shirt will go toward the club funding and also toward the Beat Bama Virtual Food Drive, if the tee shirt sale is good. So pre order your shirts!!!


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