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No game watching this week … (correction: We are watching a game this weekend)

Correction (11/06/2009 16:20) :
We will be watching the game this weekend at Spectators in Queen Anne.

War Eagle Everyone,

With Auburn’s win against Ole Miss last week, it is hard for me to announce that we will not have a game watch this Saturday (11/07) for the Auburn Vs. Furman game. We tried to find a place where they are broadcasting the game, however, we were not able to locate a venue. But don’t worry we will have a big game watching event for the Auburn Georgia game!!! More details to come in the near future about the location for the Auburn UGA game.

Few club related announcements:

1) A reminder that we will be collecting for our fall food during the Auburn UGA game!!! So bring your donations to the game watch!!!

2) Our Fall Food Drive Shirts are in, so let me know if you are interested in purchasing a shirt. Each shirt is 22 dollars. The earning from the shirt sale will go to the Seattle Auburn Club.

3) We have a Logo contest winner!!! Congrats to Andy Hall from Atlanta for contributing to our Logo contest.
Click here for the logo contest results

4) The southern schools in Seattle will be doing a toy drive for Toys for Tots on December 2nd at Barca in Seattle from 6-9 pm. I will post a separate entry about this soon.

5) Finally, Seattle UGA Club have asked if we would like to watch the Auburn UGA game with them. I would like your feedback on this? Let me know, I will finalized our decision in the next couple of days.

Well.. that is all for now… Have a wonderful home coming weekend!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

Min-Hsao Chen
Seattle Auburn Club President

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