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Game Watching: Auburn Vs. South Carolina

Come Join the Seattle Auburn Club and Watch the Auburn Tigers play against the South Carolina Game Cocks… IN 3D… AGAIN!!!!!
Yep, we will be watching our second Auburn 3D football game at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant on the upper level of Pacific Place in Downtown Seattle!!!
For those of you that participated last week in our 3D game watch, you may remember now awesome it was. It can be described as looking through a window into Jordan Hare Stadium. So come join us!!!

The Kick Off is at 4:45 PT/6:45 CT on 9/18/2010!!!

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (Pacific Place)
600 Pine Street
Seattle, WA‎
(206) 405-4205‎

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A. This is the only bar in all of WA to where you can watch 3D TV!!
B. The event will be in again in a private room “IT IS NOW FAMILIES FRIENDLY!!!”

I hope to see everyone there!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

NOTE: The game is also broadcasted on ESPN3 (if you have comcast Internet you have ESPN3)

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