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November Update: War Eagle Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

War Eagle and Happy Thanksgiving Seattle Auburn Club!

It has been a while since my last email to everyone, so I wanted to write to everyone and talk about some of our up coming events and the future direction of the Seattle Auburn Club.

First of all, I want to recap some of the awesome game watching events this fall.

⇛2010 is our first year for the Seattle Auburn Club to watch an Auburn Football game in 3D!!!!
⇛2010 Successful Food drive!!
⇛Huge turn outs of 30+ people at the Clemson, LSU & UGA games!!!

Next the up coming games and events!!!

⇛ Auburn Alabama game watch (IRON BOWL!!!!)

⇛SEC championship Game watch

⇛and not to count chickens before they hatch, but OBVIOUSLY we are all hoping for an Auburn v Oregon match up in THE bowl game in Glendale, AZ!

⇛Finally, Winter is upon us so our annual Seattle Auburn Club Ski Trip is coming up. Please let me know know you are interested in attending, if we have enough people, we can get a group rate. It should be a great season for skiing!

If you have a suggestion for an Auburn Club activity that isn’t football related or ski trip, let us know what you want to do. This is your club after all!

Additional things coming down the pike — The Seattle Auburn Club Charter states that all officers are limited to two successive years in the same office and shockingly I’ve maxed out my time as President. Wow, that went fast, but the timing is conveniently coinciding with many personal and professional changes in my life.

We have 4 offices in our Club that will need to be filled for outgoing officers….
President–Min Hsao Chen
VP–Laura Mason
Treasure–Wes Davis
Secretary–Jared Porter

All these are open and available if you are interested or have questions about a specific role /responsibilities –just ask

Official duties would start in February 2011.

The current officers will hold a Seattle Auburn Club officer’s meeting/ Bloody Mary/Mamosa round up, one hour before the SEC championship game watch on December 4th at Noon (waiting for confirmation that we’ll be at Buckley’s Belltown location). If you are interested in holding an office for our Seattle Auburn Club, we invite you to join us. If you can’t make the meeting on December 4th–that’s okay too, just send me an email letting me know you are interested and for which office and I’ll follow up with you.

Don’t worry, I know that carrying the torch is a big commitment, but we are all here for you. We will all still be here next year to help to insure a smooth transition and the success of your term in office.

Happy Thanksgiving and WAR EAGLE!!!

Min-Hsao Chen

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